Around The World in….however long it takes.

Hello again Boatbloggers ® ,

Here we are in St Lucia with the crews of the other 35 boats joining us on our Voyage Around The World.

World Arc Crews

See if you can spot us!

(Clue: Ju’s the good looking one in white, kneeling down about five in from the left. Lyn’s just next to him)

We have been issued with our official race number. Not that it’s a race of course. It’s a rally. (Unless by some remarkable fluke we actually win, in which case it’s definitely a race.)

 The kind people at ARC Rally Control have issued us with the same number as our boat length, so that’s one less thing to remember.
 Lyn on Number 47
Which at our age has to be a good thing.
So our first stop is Santa Marta in Columbia which is just over 800 miles away as the flying fish flies. All being well we leave tomorrow (Saturday) and it should take us 5 or 6 days depending on the winds.
If you want to track us, go to…
Select St Lucia to Mackay, and then (of course) click on Domini.
Bye for now
Ju & Lyn

4 thoughts on “Around The World in….however long it takes.”

  1. Hi Both Great to see you all on Snowshill. Have a safe sail. Will look forward to tracking DOMINI. Keep in touch. Regards

    John Williams


  2. Got you on the tracker – good sailing and we’ll keep an eye on progress. Of course you’ll win!! xx

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Good luck, you plucky heroes!!! Ju, i think you got your wording a little muddled – surely you meant to write, ‘Lyn’s the good looking one in blue, kneeling down about 6 in from the left. Ju’s just next to her…’

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