The Second Leg

Hello again Boatbloggers ® ,

We have just completed the second leg of our second Transatlantic! Now this isn’t going to be a huge long blog, because as you know we did the Atlantic in 2014 and to be honest, it hasn’t changed that much.

This is the view from the front…

View from the front

…and this is the view from the back. Or to use the correct nautical term, the patio.

View from the patio

We only put the mainsail up once, before quickly realising it was a mistake and pulling it down again. Most of the time we used twin headsails – the screecher out one side, and the genoa on the other.

Butterfly copy

We call it “goose-winged,” but for once the Germans are more poetic and call it “The Butterfly,” which we’re going to use from now on.

Butterfy 2

It doesn’t feel like sailing. Basically you just put them up and are more or less blown across The Atlantic. But it’s very comfortable, and very easy, so what’s not to like.

Of course there are the usual mega sunsets…

Sunset 2

Some amazing clouds…

Clouds 3  1

A squall or two…

Clouds 1  1

Which look even worse on the radar..

Radar squall

And one night we sailed by the light of Jupiter, Venus & Saturn.


OK, so it looks like a little white dot, so you’ll just have to take our word for it. That is Jupiter. And it was pretty amazing.

It took us 14 days and 11 hours from Mindelo, and we came 38th arriving just before midnight.


This is crossing the finish line. Ju looks like he’s just been beamed down.

So just time for a gratuitous selfie…


And to thank St Lucia for their fabulous welcome.

Fruit 2

Oh – I can’t resist. One more sunset.

IMG 3784~photo  1

That’s all for now Boatbloggers ®,

Merry Christmas!

Ju & Lyn

7 thoughts on “The Second Leg”

  1. Fantastic yes I like butterfly too much nicer. Glad everything went well you guys look so happy on that boat and that my friend is priceless x

  2. So lovely to see two people fulfilling their dreams and life together in such a romantic way !! You are both remarkable people. Keep going safely! Merry Christmas to you both. Lol Sue xo

  3. This is AMAZING !!! But how do we know it’s the Atlantic. Is there an obvious clue here somewhere? Never mind. I trust you.You 2 are incredible. Do you take the same general route across or change a few things as a result of your first crossing. Like, did you find a more scenic route? I seem to remember last time there was a serious amount of water. But I must say the new boat looks beautiful. So I guess that’s a big change for your 2nd crossing. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever these 2 occasions may be. Lots of love to you both,Jamie and Tricia                        

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