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Welcome to Paradise! The water is crystal clear, the weather is glorious, and the people must be the friendliest in the world. Everywhere you go people smile and shout out “Bula Bula,” which means “Hello Hello,” which is not something that happens often in Brentford.

And after French Polynesia, everything seems so cheap! To be honest after French Polynesia even Knightsbridge seems cheap, but here you can get a fantastic curry with drinks for less than a fiver. Which is great for the bank balance but less good for the waistline.

One of the main things to do here is go snorkelling amongst the coral. It’s soft coral in Fiji, so it’s a bit rubbery – not that we touched it – rather than the hard stone-like texture of the coral in French Polynesia. And the colours are amazing.

No filters – honest.

There are fewer fish than French Polynesia – or maybe we just can’t see them. This is a scorpion fish.

If you can’t see it, scroll down to the end for a couple of pointers.

We had a day out on Fiji’s third biggest island Taveuni, with the crew of Atreju.

That’s (L to R) Ju, Andreus, Karston & Marcus.

The International Dateline runs right through the middle of the island.

So that’s Tuesday on the left, and Monday on the right. Which is all a bit confusing when you’re trying to ring someone back home. And if you follow the line all the way round for about 12,000 miles you end up in Greenwich.

Fiji is very into its rugby, and it is amazing that such a small country has produced such world class teams, and they are very proud of that. In fact to celebrate their achievements in rugby sevens, they’ve produced some seven dollar notes.

Which is great, though it would have been more useful if they’d produced some three dollar notes as well.

And now, a couple of items from our occasional series called Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

All in all, it’s a bit nicer than Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, though the water is colder than it looks.

After all that, I think we deserve a bit of a rest.

And this edition’s arty farty prize has two entries. Lyn’s “Waterfall,”

And Ju’s “Three Little Fishes.”

And the winner is Ju. Well done Ju – you win seven dollars.

And just to give you a sneak prevue of the next edition of TheBoatBlog.com® we have just arrived in The Bay Of Islands in Vanua Balavu, which is part of the Lau Group. We’re the only boat here and it is like something out of Peter Pan.

Which just leaves us time to say Moce! (Pronounced something like More d’they) Which is Fijian for bye bye.

Ju & Lyn

Oh – and in case you couldn’t find it – this is the scorpion fish.