Bora Bora to Brentford Brentford

Hello again Boatbloggers ®

Over the last few days we have navigated our way from Bora Bora to Beautiful Brentford. Some of it by boat – Bora Bora to Raiatea and Taha’a, then Huahine and on to Tahiti. But most of it with Air France – Tahiti to Vancouver and Paris, and then good old London Town. Air France was quicker but we travelled steerage. The good ship Domini is slower, but we have a First Class Cabin.

So here we are, back in Blighty for Christmas. The views are a bit different,

IMG 3480 3


IMG 3597

…and though we love French Polynesia,

B B heart  Ju

…and miss the snorkelling,

Shoal 1

…and the eagle rays,

Eagle Rays 1

…and finding Nemo,

Nemo 1

(Can you see him yet?)

…it’s quite nice being on dry land for a while, having the little luxuries that the average landlubber takes for granted. Like a proper flushing toilet, a shower with unlimited hot water, and marvel of all marvels – a DISHWASHER! Not to mention if I drop my phone it lands on the carpet instead of sinking to thirty fathoms.

But fear not dear reader. TheBoatBlog is not about to become TheBrentfordBlog or even TheBabyBlog – which is jockeying for position – especially now Orson has got his passport and flown back from Spain for Christmas.

Image 3

“Shame it’s blue Mum.”

Because even here in darkest Brentford we can still get our nautical fix. Rory’s boat is moored just outside our flat.

Image 2

See you next year when we will be bringing you more thrilling tales of adventure and derring-do on the High Seas.

Happy Christmas!


Ed:- What, no gratuitous sunset?

Oh, go on then…

IMG 3481