The Virgin Islands

Ahoy there Boatbloggers® ,

Next stop after St Martins was the British Virgin Islands. You may be wondering why they are called this rather unusual name, and apparently it is because when Columbus first discovered them, he was so enchanted by the archipelago that he called them the “Eleven Thousand Virgins,” after the 11,000 Companions of St Ursula who were martyred in the 5th century by the Huns. Which is not as exciting as we might have hoped, but very interesting just the same. And the particular Virgin Islands we were going to were once British, hence, the British Virgin Islands – or BVI.

Unfortunately, getting there was not all plain sailing. We experienced our first STORM AT SEA!

 Storm 9

We should explain about pictures of storms at sea. They never look half as bad as they actually are, so if you’re looking at these pictures thinking, “What’s all the fuss about?” Trust me – when you’re right next to them, those are BIG waves!

Storm 6

The boat is rocking’ and rollin’.

The wind was a steady 40 knots, gusting up to 48 knots, which according to the official sailing handbook is “Force 9 – Strong Gale.” And for the landlubbers amongst you, that means, “Bloody windy.”

Storm 4

That number in the top right hand corner is the wind speed (TWS) for those of you that need proof!

Storm 2

But eventually we arrived safe and sound, and discovered why Columbus had been so enchanted. These are the stereotypes to beat all stereotypes of a tropical island paradise.

Tropical beach 2

Worth battling through a little bit of wind and rain for.

But the real reason that we were coming to the BVI was to meet our friend Nicho…

Nicho 1

…and Ju’s brother, Dave…

Dave 1

…who had come out for a week to be our new crew!

We sailed from one tropical paradise…

Sandy Cay Anchorage

to another…

Palm Tree 2

Snorkelling on the reefs in the crystal clear waters.


Or canoeing…


Of course as soon as the sun had dropped below the yardarm, we had to have a sundowner…


or two…

B Line Bar


Foxy s Bar

One more…

The Boys 1

(ok – that’s enough bar shots. Ed)

Ju even did a gig at The Last Resort

Gig at The Last Resort

(I said no more bars. Ed)

It was good having Dave and Nicho with us to help us with the sailing.

Crew 3

But all too soon, it was time for them to head back home to the cold and damp of Merrie England, so we bid our sad farewells, and set about preparing the boat for the next adventure.

This week we have a number of entries for the Boatblogger® Arty Farty Prize, so please vote for your favourite. 

Arty Farty 1


Arty Farty Hammock


Arty Farty Water


Big Splash



…and finally, AT ANCHOR

Please write your choice on the back of a hundred dollar bill and send it to the usual address.

That’s all for now. 

Next stop – The US Virgins!


Ju & Lyn


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