Ahoy again Boatblog®  fans,

It has just come to our attention that we are famous!

These articles appeared in the March and April editions of Yachting Monthly.

YM March



YM April


“….from novice to ocean cruisers.”

Like it!


Ju & Lyn



(Thanks to Peter Smith, Atlantic crew on Reservoir Dogs for sending these to us)

2 thoughts on “FAME!”

  1. Extraordinary! You clearly have the Midas touch: winning your first race and now fame (not forgetting survival that beast they call the Atlantic Ocean).
    Great stuff, made me smile.
    Love and best
    Paul (Miller) x

  2. Awesome articles here! It’s great that you guys have gotten such recognition – and that you guys have worked and gotten lucky all at the right times like that. Thanks for sharing!

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