Action & Adventure on the High Seas

Hello again Boatblog®  Fans,

First of all, we would like to apologise to out regular readers for the late publication of this week’s edition of The Boatblog®. This is due to the temporary unavailability of the writers.

Under Arrest


Yes, we had a visit from the Policia Maritima, but I am pleased to report that with time off for good behaviour we can now resume normal service.

We have called this episode, “Action & Adventure on the High Seas.” This is in fact a little bit misleading, but if we called it, “More Holiday Snaps,” no one would read it. So “Action & Adventure on the High Seas,” it is. (I’ve worked in advertising, so these things come naturally.)

The main thing that happened this week is that Rory and Joe turned up. Which has certainly livened things up.

R  J Swimming


Joe Fishing


We’ve still not caught anything. We did get a bite, but the fish escaped with the lure. So the score at the moment is 

FISH                   1


Rory Dive 2





…and of course, DRINKING.

But the highlight of the week had to be diving with tuna. If you are in The Algarve and do nothing else, make sure you do this. It’s organised by Tuna Dive Tours ( and it is fantastic. You get driven out to the tuna farm in a super fast speedboat, then you pop on your SCUBA gear and get in with the fish.

Of course, at all times it is imperative that you look good.

 Lyn getting into diving suit


We got there at feeding time…

Mackerel Gun

That bazooka type thing underneath the crane is actually a Mackerel Gun. Apparently it’s based on an Australian pub game, and it actually fires out mackerel. 

Fish fed, it was time to get into the water. You don’t want to go swimming with a thousand hungry tunas.



Now I’m not one to exaggerate, but there were literally millions of them, and they are huge.

Tuna 2

They weigh up to 350kg, which is like five of Ju. Ok maybe four, but whatever it is, they are awesome. 

And delicious.

Rory had to go back home on Friday, but Joe stayed with us as we sailed into uncharted waters, up to The Rio Guadiana which is the river that marks the border with Portugal and Spain.

It was on this voyage that disaster struck…

What the

DISASTER STRIKING (reconstruction)

…and we went over a pot buoy.

We came to a very sudden halt, the engine cut out and we were stranded in the middle of the ocean. With complete disregard for her own personal safety, Lyn told Ju to put on the diving mask and flippers and go over the side to see what it was.

Once in the water, he immediately saw the problem.

Prop caught

The propellor was well and truly embedded into the pot buoy, and the rope was wrapped tightly round the prop shaft anchoring us to the bottom. Even if we could free ourselves from the rope, there was no wind, so we couldn’t sail back to port. Somehow, we had to release the propellor. it really was quite a problem.

Not to worry. Super-Ju to the rescue…

Mr Incredible


With his knife between his teeth he dived into the shark infested waters,  sawed through the tangled rope, and somehow manage to wrestle the pot buoy away from the propellor. All those years in the SAS* weren’t wasted.

Exhausted, but triumphant, he clambered back on board. With bated breath, he tried the engine. 

It worked.

What a hero!

And were were able to sail (well, motor technically)  on our merry way, accompanied by our friends, the dolphins

And this weeks arty farty photo prize goes to Rory, for his work called simply, “Boat.”

Arty boat


And this is a cool picture of our boat too…

Sunset Domini

Adios Amigos

Ju & Lyn

Ayamonte (Spain – but only just)

* South Acton Scouts

3 thoughts on “Action & Adventure on the High Seas”

  1. Wow! I thought Tuna was endangered? I’ve seen whole ones on the counter at mercadonna ( Spain’s answer to Tesco) but in the wild!! And we had no idea that Julian was so intrepid. Do you find that you spend more time than perhaps you should in the wet suit just for the pleasure of it? I do. mines only a shorty though. Great pics the one of the dive is great.
    keep safe and well.

  2. Now this is more like it. This is high seas high drama action adventure Julian – diving, swimming, marine engine disasters, fishing and dolphins. Dolphins! Good heavens, just like you see them on the telly, incredible. You’ve also seen fit to ship-in (see what I’ve done there) a glamorous blonde model for the scuba shots. Not sure where you got her from but she’s a bit of alright, no mistake. Mind you, that said, some of the glamour rubs off a little when she actually falls off the boat. Perhaps you could reduce her fee a little, but overall, brilliant. Top work. There’s just one tiny, tiny thing. You haven’t sailed across the Atlantic as such, have you. I looked up Ayamonte on the map and it’s up a river really, a nice little spot on the estuary if I was pushed to describe it. So look, you’re clearly the expert, not me, but as you exit from said river, if you turn right, you’re off. Wild and free across that great incredible ocean. If you turn left, you’ll be in the Med. There’s adventure there for certain. Cadiz, Gibraltar, but before you know where you are, you’ll be settled in Torremolinos. All I’m saying Julian, is turn right or starboard I think it is. Love to you both and fair winds. Al x

    1. Thank you for your comment Al,

      Yes, technically you would be correct to say that we haven’t actually sailed ACROSS the Atlantic, but what you have failed to notice is that up until now we have in fact been IN The Atlantic. Indeed, I think it would be fair to say that we have actually crossed BITS of the Atlantic. In fact we have crossed some of the bits so many times that if you added them all up it would be the same as if we HAD crossed the Atlantic.

      So it’s nearly the same thing.


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