From the Crow’s Nest

Hello boatblog fans,

Well we’ve spent the last week making last minute preparations to the boat. Including adding a spinnaker pole which alas entailed me climbing the mast. Something that so far, I have skilfully managed to avoid.

To the untrained sailor, being sixty feet up in the air in a flimsy canvas chair, with nothing but an absurdly  thin piece of rope between you and eternity, can seem rather daunting. However, so long as you approach the whole operation in a professional and seamanlike manner, taking it all slowly and carefully, you can have every confidence that your crew will not let you drop.



At the top



A view from above….



From The Top

The plan is still to leave on Tuesday, but this is subject to the weather forecasts over Biscay. We’ll keep you updated.

If you want to follow the journey go to…

…and you should get to this page, which will let you follow the trip live. 


Screen Shot 2014 06 29 at 18 57 31

Sorry about the advert for Mature Dating. I can’t get rid of it. (I’ve tried. Honest I have. It alternates between that and and one for curing baldness.)

If you don’t want it, when it asks put your age in as 21.

Bye for now.


Ju & Lyn



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