Captain’s Blog

It’s just over a week to go before we set sail for Baiona. Then the world. Wind and tides permitting, we set off on July 1st, so I thought it was time I started a blog.

We’ve got a mad busy week ahead, getting the boat finally kitted out, provisioned up, and sorting out everything that you need to sort out when you’re going away for a year (or more!)

So, if you want to follow our travels, come back to this page every so often to see what we’re up to.


3 thoughts on “Captain’s Blog”

  1. I don’t know much about sailing Julian as you know, apart from that it makes me very poorly, but I think you’re supposed to take rum. This is not an option, it’s kind of compulsory at sea. Just thought I’d remind you. Clearly, Lynne will have to drink it.
    The boat looks beautiful and it will be a tremendous adventure. Hope to see you before you go as we have a new client in Havant, which I’m reliably informed is quite near the sea. Al

  2. Well they are off !!! Last seen blasting down the Solent with a stiff easterly breeze behind them.
    It’s been great to be part of the adventure so far and one we will certainly follow with interest.
    Have fun !!

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