Bora Bora to Brentford Brentford

Hello again Boatbloggers ®

Over the last few days we have navigated our way from Bora Bora to Beautiful Brentford. Some of it by boat – Bora Bora to Raiatea and Taha’a, then Huahine and on to Tahiti. But most of it with Air France – Tahiti to Vancouver and Paris, and then good old London Town. Air France was quicker but we travelled steerage. The good ship Domini is slower, but we have a First Class Cabin.

So here we are, back in Blighty for Christmas. The views are a bit different,

IMG 3480 3


IMG 3597

…and though we love French Polynesia,

B B heart  Ju

…and miss the snorkelling,

Shoal 1

…and the eagle rays,

Eagle Rays 1

…and finding Nemo,

Nemo 1

(Can you see him yet?)

…it’s quite nice being on dry land for a while, having the little luxuries that the average landlubber takes for granted. Like a proper flushing toilet, a shower with unlimited hot water, and marvel of all marvels – a DISHWASHER! Not to mention if I drop my phone it lands on the carpet instead of sinking to thirty fathoms.

But fear not dear reader. TheBoatBlog is not about to become TheBrentfordBlog or even TheBabyBlog – which is jockeying for position – especially now Orson has got his passport and flown back from Spain for Christmas.

Image 3

“Shame it’s blue Mum.”

Because even here in darkest Brentford we can still get our nautical fix. Rory’s boat is moored just outside our flat.

Image 2

See you next year when we will be bringing you more thrilling tales of adventure and derring-do on the High Seas.

Happy Christmas!


Ed:- What, no gratuitous sunset?

Oh, go on then…

IMG 3481


3 thoughts on “Bora Bora to Brentford Brentford”

  1. Always good to hear from you. Brentford, UK right? Yes there is a lot to be said for a hot shower and a dishwasher!! I haven’t been on a boat for 4 years and not missing it. BUT they are some of the best memories of my whole life. And for me it was about the people I met. You guys! Living at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains aint’ so bad. We are healthy and… not too cranky. We are doing all we are supposed to. Families are in Arizona, Arkansas and Pennsylvania so haven’t seen them in a while. Would love to have you visit in Colorado and in N. Carolina when we are there. Hugs, Carol & Paul >

  2. I was looking through our guest book and saw the picture I took of the two of you in Norfolk in the spring of 2015. Your card had your blog post so I thought I would try to catch up with you. I had a knee surgery so we didn’t go south for the past two years. We miss all you sailing friends. We are here in Norwalk CT

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