Huahine Heaven

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And welcome to your latest edition of The Boatblog® brought to you direct from Huahine, a little piece of heaven in The Society Islands, French Polynesia.

Huahine 1

And where better to enjoy a few drinks than with friends than in a little beach bar…

Bastille day 1

or a little hotel bar…

Drinks Lyn

or a little pool bar…


or a little restaurant…

Bastille Day 2

or even on a boat.

Party Boat

(Did you do anything else but drink? – Ed)

Yes of course! We did lots of healthy things. Just one example, we cycled all the way round the island. 65km in total.

Ebike 1

(Is it just me, or does that look like Lyn’s got a very butch right arm?)

It would have been completely knackering, if they hadn’t been electric bikes. 

Ebike 4

A little turn of the pedal and you’re off like Lance Armstrong on speed. Or cocaine. Or whatever else he was on. (We could have done with one of those on the Cape Argus, Nick.)

But we still couldn’t walk the next day.

We went swimming.

Bomb 1

Watched the Huahine Boat Race.

Race Day 1 2

Which is very like the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race but with less oars. They only have one each, but they still zoom along,

There are some rather unusual boats.


These are traditional ways of trapping fish. The idea is that the fish swim up this long stone maze and then can’t find their way back out. Very clever – might come in handy if we’re ever shipwrecked on a desert island.

Fish Trap 2

Sadly this all that is left of the maraes, which are the traditional Polynesian churches. Unfortunately the missionaries came and destroyed them all, because clearly these people were worshipping the wrong God.

Marae 1

We went to the shell museum, which is more exciting that it sounds. Some of these shells can kill you. They shoot out a little harpoon which is more poisonous than a cobra.

Shell Museum

Ju even performed at the Huahine Jazz Festival.

Huahine Jazz Festival

(Isn’t that another bar? – Ed)

All in all, it’s a very nice place.

The Bay 3

And as always, we like to end with a gratuitous sunset. And this one was followed by a green flash. (Alas, I didn’t get it on film so you’ll just have to believe us James.)

Dinghy Sunset

And now we are off about to set sail for Tahiti, because there is a very special event happening very soon!

To find out more, don’t forget to look out for the next edition of The Boatblog, coming to a computer near you.

Nana et a bientôt,

Ju & Lyn

Graham – I suppose you don’t believe this is the moon either.

Banana Moon

4 thoughts on “Huahine Heaven”

  1. OMG you two never fail to send us a stunning update of your travels in Polynesia. Absolutely fabulous to read of and see your exploits. Keep them coming. Enjoy and stay safe.

  2. Didn’t you guys strike it rich. Of all the places I’ve looked at French Polynesia looks the most open. By a country mile.

    Nice pics!

    Stuart Mob Malaysia: +60 13 544 5538 Mob UK: +44 (0) 7821 186 856

    Follow the Blog @ YouTube Channel: SV Time Bandit Ocean Cruising Club


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