We’re On A Boat

Welcome back Boatbloggers – or should I say BoatVloggers…

We’re sorry for the long radio silence, but until recently we have been boat-less, so we haven’t had that much to Boatblog about. And The-2-Bed-Flat-In-Brentford-Blog just didn’t seem as much fun.

But that is all in the past. At last we have taken delivery of the all new improved Domini, so the Boatblog is back!

It wasn’t long before the family came to visit…

And this month’s Boatblog Competition is…

Can you name the type of boat?

Entries on a €20 note, and the winner gets to take the Captain and First Mate out for a slap-up Michelin star meal.

Hasta luego for now amigos

Ju & Lyn

14 thoughts on “We’re On A Boat”

  1. Fab! I guess im gonna get slaughtered over this because of my affliction to Radio 4 but… is that your composition?

  2. Hope all is ship shape crew I will coming to inspect this summer hopefully:)


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  3. About time you resurfaced.

    It is a Bavaria 34. Can’t write it on a euro note as we have just come back from our honeymoon to Mexico but will keep the 20 Peso note for you and hand it over on next visit.

    If we got the type of boat wrong….do we come with you to this slap up meal.

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