Old Friends Come To Stay

Welcome back Boatbloggers ®

Of course, when we say “Old Friends Come To Stay,” we don’t mean old as in, ‘of pensionable age.’  We simply mean that we have known them for a long time.

Restaurant 1

Yes, Nicho & Shelagh visited us in Nevis and St Kitts, for a week of fantastic sailing.

Unfortunately, it was really windy.


…which those landlubbers among you might think is what you would want to go sailing. And of course it’s true up to a point.  But sometimes it gets too windy and it’s better to stay at anchor and talk about sailing.

So, we went to a restaurant instead…

Restaurant 3

And then we went to a restaurant.

Restaurant 2

…and then we went to..er…a….


But after that we went to the famous Nevis Botanical Gardens…


..which is mainly famous for it’s…er..restaurant.


Cocktail Hour

It’s always nice when old friends can get together, and have long and deep meaningful conversations…

Chatting With Friends

…with people who are somewhere else.

(Are there any photos of you actually not in a restaurant? – Ed)

We saw pineapples growing.


And monkeys.


But sad to say, didn’t actually do a lot of sailing.

For this edition, of the Boatblog ® we have decided to introduce a new competition, called “Showers of the Caribbean.” The first contender is….

Surf Dude Shower

Surfdude Shower 1

Next up is….Canoe Shower

Canoe Shower

Then for those who don’t mind sharing…His & Hers…

Functional Shower

…and finally…Flower Power Shower

Flower Shower

To cast your vote, simply call 0898 898989, and have your credit card ready.

To continue the Bathroom Theme, some of the signs outside the restrooms (that’s toilet to our English readers. Not quite sure why they are called restrooms. Do people go in there to have a rest?) are quite unusual. This was obviously quite an upmarket sort of a place.

Rolls Royce

And this one for some reason seems to be able to detect things that shouldn’t need detecting.

Motion Detector

This next message kind of sums up life in the Caribbean, though it does give a hint of urgency that doesn’t really exist.

Caribbean Message

And in another brand new feature, introduced especially for this edition we would like to present

 The Poor Seamanship Award 2016

And this years unrivalled winner is…

(Pause for fanfare)


…with his splendid entry called “iPhone Beermat.”

Poor Seamanship Award 2016

Yes dear readers, that really is an iPhone 6 being used to protect the cockpit table from a cup of tea. Many of you might think this would actually count as poor landsmanship, but on a boat it is truly spectacular.

Congratulations Nicho!

We have a number of contenders for the arty farty prize. Lyn’s first entry is called simply “Floor.”

Arty Farty Floor 2

That is actually a floor made from coral that they used in one of the (many – we know) restaurants that we went to.

Next up we have, “Kite,” seen at Nevis’ annual Kite Flying Competition.


But the overall winner is Lyn’s “Mailboxes.”


All too soon, Nicho and Shelagh had to wend there way back to The Old Country, while we went North to St Maarten. It was quite a nerve racking trip. Our engine wouldn’t start, so we knew that when we got there we would have to go through the swing bridge under sail to get it into a marina where it could be repaired. Tricky stuff, even for master mariners.

When we got there, Lyn had a fiddle with some of the wires that led to the engine. And lo and behold it just started. Panic over. We’ve no real idea why, but Lyn now reckons she’s a master mechanic.

Fortunately, once we’d moored up, we met Jef from Marine Solutions here in Simpson Baii – and he really IS a master mechanic.


His last job was in Portsmouth working with the America’s Cup team. Ju told him that next time he is over, he should mention that he has been working in Domini to Ben Ainslie. It might help.

Next we are going to be sailing to Santa Cruz in The Galapagos Islands. That’s thousands of miles away from here. To find out how we manage it, make sure you order your next instalment of…


Vaarwel for now.

Ju & Lyn

St Maarten (Dutch side)


We hope you manage to receive this blog. Internet connections aren’t always that great.

Wireless Internet

6 thoughts on “Old Friends Come To Stay”

  1. Ah Julian, as ever a delight to read the Boatbloggers report and extremely jealous of Nicho and Shelagh. I’m sorry I haven’t been as good a contributor as previously to the whole series, but unbelievably I seem to be still caught up in the race of rats and have managed to be poorly into the bargain – serious man-flu. As I write, I am awaiting approval of material to be uploaded to the virtual village we have created for our clients in the US and around the globe. It is almost 11pm and there are still four of us in the office. It is at times like this when quite frankly pictures of you lot generally lolling around the Caribbean are either incredibly galling or incredibly relaxing. I think tonight, they may be both. The pictures are awesome and although it is tempting to send you some of us stressed out in the office, it seems a bit harsh. In any case, I actually haven’t worked out how to attach them to this wordpress mullarkey. The big news in the UK at the moment (although frankly hardly news to anyone really) is that lots of wealthy people have been cheating and hiding their money in Panama. The only reason I mention it is that I really don’t do geography very well, but surely you must be able to pop in to Panama at some point and see if you can’t fetch back a bob or two for us poor Brits.

    Good sailing, although obviously, not too much 🙂


    1. Great to have you back as a contributor Al. Shame we can’t get the pictures of you working, so we’ll just have to imagine it.


  2. Well I am so on an early flight to joburg so not much sympathy for the monsters but have to agree with Alan that your blog provides us with a range of emotions depending on what is going on. Mostly jealousy as the chance of doing nothing with three kids is nil and nothing. Well done to nicho for getting out to see you….. When are you rounding the Cape?

  3. Fantastic. Are you sailing around the cape? Wow! Mary is taking me to the Galipgos Islands in November for an 8 day cruise on the Baluga. If you see her take a piccy. You won’t be there in November will you? It’s a long way!
    Keep safe.

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