Salty Dawg Tracking Information

Hello Boatbloggers,

As you probably know by now, we are about to set sail on the Salty Dawg Rally, from Hampton Virginia, to the British Virgin Islands. It’s about 1,300 miles, and should take about ten days.

If you want, you can track our progress in a number of ways. 

The first is the Delorme Inreach. You can get to that with this link:-

This has the advantage that as well as seeing where we are, you can also send us text messages. Just click on the “message” icon. Feel free to message away. It’s always good to hear from landlubbers (or even sailors) when we’re out in the middle of no-where.


You can got to the Salty Dawg website

Go to the drop down menu, “Fall Rally,” and select “Follow the fleet.” And it will take you to a map of everyone who is doing the rally. It would be optimistic to say we’ll be somewhere near the front, but hopefully we won’t be right at the back!

Happy tracking!

Ju & Lyn

Salty Dawgs

Domini 4

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