The Other Virgins

Buenos Dias and Howdy Boatbloggers,

I say that because we are in America AND we are in Spain. Well…sort of.

Actually it’s Puerto Rico which is very Spanish, but technically a US territory if not an actual state. It’s like America, but it’s more like Spain. The main language is Spanish, but most people speak English. The speed limit is in MPH, but the distances are in km. Taco Maker is everywhere, but so too is Burger King. They drive on the right, but with Spanish gusto, and everything is very efficient, but mañana is fast enough.

The British aren’t the only ones to have Virgins Islands and to get to Puerto Rico we had to sail through all the others. We started on the island of St John, which is in the US Virgins and is a National Park so is very unspoiled, and then went on to St Thomas which has benefited from progress a lot more. So we didn’t like that as much.

We prefer to anchor or use a mooring buoy when we can, rather than go into a marina. Not only is it free, but it’s nicer…

St John Anchorage


Cruise Ships 1


Believe it or not, that is not actually the South Acton Estate in the background, but a couple of luxury cruise ships about to disgorge their thousands of passengers onto the little town of Crown Bay, with all it’s duty free shops set up for just that reason.

Next stop was Culebra in the Spanish Virgins. This is a delightful little island, and we anchored in Dikity Bay where we were stalked by turtles and giant Tarpon.

Tarpon 3

We thought about getting the fishing rod out, but we were worried that we might actually catch one.

We decided to rent a car to get out and about…


..but I’m afraid to say it was just more perfect beaches.

Perfect Shade 2

Though there are a few reminders that it hasn’t always been quite so peaceful.

Tank 2

Then on to Isla de Palominos with its fantastic snorkelling…

Tropical Fish

…before finally arriving in Puerto del Ray in Puerto Rico.

PR has it all. Beautiful beaches, and pristine rainforest. We spent a day going round the El Yunque rainforest. The trees and vegetation is all so BIG!

Honey I ve Shrunk The Kids

It’s like being on the set of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Big Grass 2


Waterfall 1


Then in the evening we went kayaking through the forest to see the bio-luminescence in the salt water lakes after dark.

Kayak 3

Notice that Lyn is paddling hard, while Ju is sat in the back taking photos.

The bio-luminescence is amazing. The water just sparkles. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out very well in a photograph, so you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself!


BIO-LUMINESCENCE (From a collection of eighteen)

Next we went to the capital, San Juan and stayed in the old part of town as treat for Ju’s birthday. It was good to see our old friend Christopher Columbus in the town square, and to know that we really have travelled in the wake of the original great explorer. From Las Palmas in The Canaries to San Juan in Puerto Rico.



And this edition’s arty farty prize is split between Ju and Lyn.  Here’s Ju’s effort…

Arty Farty Cocktail


…and here’s Lyn’s.

Arty Farty Window


Have a Nice Day! and Adios amigos.

Ju & Lyn


2 thoughts on “The Other Virgins”

  1. Lovely pictures! It looks like the weather was wonderful, at least while you guys were snapping pictures! Wish I could see a pic of the water – sounds amazing.

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