Welcome back Boatbloggers,

This week’s report is going to be very short, because we haven’t done much boating to blog about. In fact – er….none. We’ve been stuck in Rabat waiting for an area of low pressure to move away and for the Azores High to re-establish itself. Which is a posh way of saying we’ve been waiting for the winds to be right. Sailors and wind are a bit like farmers and rain. It’s never quite the right sort of wind.

Which has not been a bad thing. We’ve had a great time in Morocco. We went to Casablanca and made a pilgrimage to Rick’s Bar.

Rick s Bar


Spent a few days in Fez…

A Fez in Fez


And we’ve met some great people from all over the world, from far flung places such as Chile and North Wales.  John & Janine on Orca Joss have sailed all the way from New Zealand just to be with us. John is an ace guitarist, so we decided to compete with the Call to Prayer and got a band together…



(Bootleg recordings will  be available shortly on iTunes – watch this space)

Lyn went native..

.Lyn converts to Islam

…and particularly likes Morroco because it’s one of the few places left in the world where the smoking fascists haven’t taken over You can still smoke inside!!!!



And this week’s gratuitous photo is actually a short series taken by Lyn, and is entitled “THE SORRY TALE OF A PLATE OF BISCUITS.”

(Ju had left the room briefly, so missed the event that these pictures record.)

Biscuits 1


Biscuits 2


Biscuits 3


Biscuits 4

A bientôt nos amis

Ju & Lyn


PS…Tomorrow we weigh anchor, hoist the sails, splice the mainbrace and set sail for Agadir. And all being well, will fly back to the UK for a week. 

3 thoughts on “Rabat”

  1. Hi guys,
    Loved the pictures in Rick’s bar though a bit disappointed not to see Rick. The whole Moroccan adventure seems just brilliant and I am looking forward to my Fez souvenir which I’m sure you’ve bought for all your friends to celebrate your return to the UK. After all, everyone who sails the Atlantic gets some kind of welcome home affair, if only for the joy of seeing their safe return. It’s just lovely that you can pause your holiday mid-Atlantic and catch a plane or ferry home, because most of the really great sailors have done that in the past. Drake – Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth. Sir Francis Chichester – Ryanair to Stanstead and most recently, Ellen MacArthur – Easy Jet to Luton.
    So really looking forward to hearing the full stories of your conquest and to see the pictures of North America that you’ve obviously been saving. Al x

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