More from The Algarve

Welcome back boatbloggers,

I’m afraid that our voyage half way round the world hasn’t got very far this week. About 21 miles in fact. That’s because it’s just so nice here, that we haven’t wanted to rush on. And we have really bought into the concept of mañana, although that gives a sense of urgency that doesn’t really exist over here.

There have however been a few firsts. In particular, we have spent most of the week at anchor, rather than berthing in a marina. Which has many advantages. Most notable of which is that it is free! It also meant that we got the dinghy out for the first time. Unfortunately, as we were getting out of the locker Ju dropped vital parts of the electric inflator overboard, Grrrrrr, which meant that we had to pump it up by hand. It wasn’t too much of a problem because Lyn likes the exercise, and soon we were off exploring the local caves and grottoes.



A great thing about the dinghy is that you can get to beaches that aren’t accessible by land. There was one particularly pretty one with only a few people on it, so we thought that we would land there for a quiet lunch by the gently lapping shore. Unfortunately as we got closer, we realised that the Germans had got there first.

The Germans had got here first


With everyone else being totally naked, we felt rather overdressed in our swimming costumes, so Ju decided if you can’t beat them, join them. (Sorry girls – no photos on the grounds of public decency) It was as he was striding down the beach for a refreshing dip au naturelle, that we found out that the nudist beach was part of the tourist trail. Hundreds of boats suddenly came round the corner, cameras flashing, children laughing, and the Captain bellowing  “Nude-y! Nude-y!” over the loudhailer.

Tourist Boats


The dinghy by the way, is now our new car.



By happy coincidence it turned out that two of Lyn’s friends, Ann & Heather, were holidaying in Praia, about five miles away from where we were anchored. Don’t bother to look it up, everywhere in Portugal is called Praia. They braved the dinghy ride and we all had a very pleasant lunch on deck.

The Girls


Our next anchorage was in Ferragudo, near Portimao, where they put the flags out for our arrival…

They put the flags out for our arrival

…and last night we arrived in Vilamoura, where we are looking forward to our friend Paul Martin arriving in an hour or two for a week’s sailing.

Or fishing.

Or sunbathing.

And it wouldn’t be a true boatblog without an arty farty picture of some sardines.



Adeus for now Amigoes


Ju & Lyn



6 thoughts on “More from The Algarve”

  1. Superb once again….Nudy…hilarious

    Villamoura has some fantastic golf courses near by…paul’s into his golf…


  2. Ps my dad wants some more shots of the boat on your blog…I know a good guy we could fly out and get some aerial video from a drone while in action..Budget allowing

  3. Great PIcs. You are getting nearer to Gib. Are you going to stop there, we would love to come and see you and stock up at Morrisons. They have a nice Marina there or one at La Linea which is the Spainish side of the border.

  4. Hi guys – we love reading the blog – gives us our office entertainment for the week. Very jealous of the fabulous sun and scrummy food. Happy Birthday to Lyn from us all!

    Did you say you needed me to attend a very urgent accountancy meeting and I must meet you immediately?!? I’m sure I can arrange something! 🙂

    Happy Sailing – speak soon!

    Fliss & Kavanagh team xxxx

  5. Sounds great Ju and the pictures are fabulous (although the naked Germans didn’t show up on face-book), but I do feel that I should continue to point out that this is not really Robin Knox-Johnson/Chay Blyth sort of territory. I’ve travelled further at sea than you this month aboard the Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry. Admittedly I wasn’t actually sailing it, but we had bikes on the roof and had to put on the handbrake and deactivate the alarm and all sorts of other technical things. So come on now, let’s see a little more ‘Aboard’ and a little less ‘Abroad’. More ‘Afternoon Watch’, less ‘Afternoon Nap’. Love and fair winds to you both x

  6. Hi, it was amazing to meet up and see your wonderful new home! No one can believe we actually managed to see you!!
    Hope fun holiday mode continues! We are back in the homeland and have just seen the pic on the blog!!
    After the dingy experience we are definitely trading in the Fiat 500 for one.
    Having seen the BBC weather map we are feeling a bit worried about Bertha!
    Hope you well out of her way?

    Love Heather and Ann xx

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