Bye Bye Bora Bora

Welcome back Boatbloggers ®

It’s been a long time since our last blog, but that is because there hasn’t been very much to report and here at ® we are very conscious of not boring our readers. Like most people, our plans were quite badly disrupted by Covid and it has been something of a Groundhog Year. We came back home for Christmas, but apart from that we have been stuck in French Polynesia.

Which to be honest, hasn’t got us a lot of sympathy from our friends.

It’s been a relentless round of drinking,

Bonnet de douche Rodney, bonnet de douche.




Happy Birthday Clare. (Note:- If you want to enter the “Guess the Age,” competition, the editors suggest you do it very carefully.)

Lyn was particularly hungry…

Didn’t you do anything else but eat and drink? – Ed

We also did some watersports. Every day Ju and Troels from Atreju entered the Paddle Board vs Va’a challenge. 

A va’a is one of those Polynesian canoes with the outrigger to help you balance. Though it is still quite possible to overturn it, as Ju proved three times in twelve minutes. 

It would be rude to say that Ju won every race, so we won’t do that here to save any embarrassment for Troels.

We went out on quad bikes with Andy and Clare from Tintamarre.

The Riders of the Lost ARC. Though we didn’t look quite so cool once we took off the helmets.



But without a doubt, the highlight was that Rory and Emma came out to join us.

Yes..all in all it’s been a pretty tough lockdown.

We celebrated our Wedding Anniversary

More eating and drinking – Ed

And though it’s hard to believe given his youthful good looks, Ju turned 60. Yes. SIXTY! That is not a typo. Old enough for a bus pass. Who’d have thought it.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. We had to prepare the boat for the next leg of the journey. The anti-foul needed doing as the Great Barrier Reef had decided to move onto our hull, and the prop was in desperate need of some TLC


And after…

When we say we had to clean the prop, of course we mean we had to pay someone else to clean the prop. Good job CNI Boatyard in Raiatea.

Then the engine needed repairing. It was all a bit beyond Ju, but fortunately Carlos, Troels and Karsten all came over to lend a hand.

Thank you chaps. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And now, before we set sail for Fiji there is just time for the Arty Farty competition. We have only one entry from Ju called “Stripey Fish.”

And Stripey Fish is the winner. Well done Ju

All being well on Saturday we set sail for Savusavu in Fiji, about 1,700 Nautical Miles west. If you want to track us – and if you’ve read this far you just might – you can go to…

We’ve had a fantastic two years here in French Polynesia, and will be sad to leave. But it is time to move on and we are really looking forward to the next stage of our adventure.

Bye Bye Bora Bora.

Ju & Lyn

9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bora Bora”

  1. If this was posted before you leave for Fiji, please say Hi to trimaran STRAVAIG in Savusavu. Brit flag, good people and our dear friends. From Yacht PR2. Safe sailing!

  2. Good luck on the next leg Bora Bora looked pretty amazing to say the least.

    All the best Ju, wow 60 and happy anniversary you two xx


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